‘These are Trump terrorists, call them by their name’: Joe Scarborough explodes at senators trying to protect ex-president

Mayank Aggarwal
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<p>File image: On ^ January, 2021, violent rioters egged on by President Donald Trump himself stormed into the Capitol in Washington</p> (AP)

File image: On ^ January, 2021, violent rioters egged on by President Donald Trump himself stormed into the Capitol in Washington


Former Republican congressman and television host, Joe Scarborough, lambasted party senators who failed to support Donald Trump’s second impeachment proceedings for his alleged role in the 6 January insurrection and urged viewers never to forget the deadly Capitol riots.

Mr Scarborough criticised Republican senators, including Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley, Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, and Lindsey Graham, for asking people to forget about the Capitol violence.

“I am a conservative. You come after us … you come after our Capitol... We gonna come after you. We sure as hell are not gonna let you inside our Capitol," Mr Scarborough said.

He said Lindsey (Graham) wants us “to forget about the fact that people were bludgeoned in the head with an American flag because of Donald Trump… he wants us to forget that a cop was beaten to death."

“The reason why the cop killer beat the cop to death because they were inspired by Donald Trump to do so,” Mr Scarborough, who is the co-host of the “Morning Joe” show on MSNBC News, said.

His outburst came after only five Republicans voted in the Senate in favour of impeachment proceedings against Mr Trump.

Mr Scarborough stated that “Ted Cruz wants us to forget because he led the sedition along with Josh Hawley.”

“You are out of your mind and you are not a conservative. That’s how conservatives do not talk. We don’t forget. If you attack our country, we go after you,” he said.

Mr Scarborough criticised senator Marco Rubio and said: “you think it is simply vindictive to seek justice for the leader of the insurrection … Marco you hide behind procedural safeguards … No! Find a constitutional lawyer that supports justice.”

While showing visuals of rioters clashing with police and trying to enter the Capitol on 6 January, Mr Scarborough said that is what the “Republicans in the Senate wants you to forget… this is what Rand Paul wants you to forget, this is what Ted Cruz wants you to forget… and I say never forget.”

“You know what these people are Trump terrorists … call them by their name,” he said.

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