The true, wild story behind TikTok's 'speaker song'

By the time Jonathan Class heard the “speaker song” again, he’d almost forgotten it existed. Class, who lives in Indiana, released the track in 2015. Back then, it hardly saw the light of day . Ben Jacobs changed that. Unbeknownst to Class, the TikToker discovered the “speaker song” in 2016. The track was playing, of all places, on a demo speaker at his local Bed Bath & Beyond. Jacobs felt a connection to the song, but for four years, he struggled to find where it came from. After Jacobs’ series of videos describing the “speaker song” went viral, he finally managed to put the pieces together. Eventually, the story made its way back to Class. In a duet with Jacobs’ original video, Class showed his own reaction to learning that “Pull It From My Teeth” had become a viral hit. Class was blown away. “You never know when the universe, life, whatever is gonna surprise you”