Trophy King, the First-Ever Analytics-Backed Digital Asset Platform Makes Its Debut. Introducing Unique NFT and Gaming Experience

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Plano, Texas, USA - (NewMediaWire) - August 17, 2022 - Trophy King, the first-ever analytics-based digital asset platform, is making a wave in the blockchain industry by setting a new benchmark in innovation, especially in the online NFT and gaming space. The founders, Bibin KT and Karega McCoy have created a multi-service platform that offers in-game currency ($KING), an online gaming arcade, a live trading desk for the analytics-backed assets paired with the $KING token, event-driven analytics-based futures markets for ad-hoc derivatives, and a fantasy gaming market for digital collectibles.

"We are excited about Trophy King as it has been designed to provide a class-leading NFT and gaming experience to users. It will allow players to connect directly with game developers and one another," said the founders. "Our vision is to create a Web 3.0 Community for players, analytics-backed digital asset trading platform and Play & Earn' ecosystem where players can earn NFTs and cryptocurrency in the form of $KING Tokens," they added.

It introduces a unique gaming experience through integrating web3 architecture and is also a next-generation collectibles marketplace. Some of the most impressive features of this platform includes peer-to-peer transactions, Web3 integration, multi-chain support, etc.

A team of highly skilled professionals has created Trophy King, experienced in delivering blockchain games. "The Play and Earn' Blockchain gaming market is in its infancy but already has a staggering $21 billion valuation. This rapid success is partly due to the high sales of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens); in 2021, there were $25 billion dollars in NFT sales," the founders added.

The first game coming on Trophy King's platform is Chiharu, a multiplayer online battle arena with players competing for various digital asset tokens. Players compete on an assortment of maps with multiple weapons and skills in a winner take all battle.

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