Trinity The Tuck says sliding into Jaida's butt in Drag Race All Stars 7 lip-sync was 'all by accident'

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When Trinity The Tuck said "the body has arrived," she meant it was parked right behind Jaida Essence Hall.

Following the shocking moment she slid her face right into Jada's butt during a lip-sync to Jessie J's "I Want Love" on Friday's episode of RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 7, challenge winner Trinity tells EW in an email interview that the moment was entirely unplanned. The All Stars 4 champion attributes it to a "slippery" bodysuit that, when hurtled across the Main Stage, didn't stop before colliding with Jaida's behind — which prompted the season 12 queen to tweet that "the girls are LITERALLY eating the competition this season."

Before All Stars 7 continues Friday on Paramount+, read on for our full email Q&A with Trinity following episode 7, in which she also discusses the evolution of her relationship with Monét X Change, the inspiration for her Snatch Game devil, her decision to block Yvie Oddly from receiving a star, and more.

RuPaul's Drag Race
RuPaul's Drag Race

World of Wonder/Paramount + Trinity The Tuck slides into Jaida Essence Hall's butt on AS7.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: The episode began with a tense exchange between The Vivienne and Jinkx Monsoon over blocking. What was the vibe like in the room? Was it odd to see the competition kind of getting to Jinkx?

TRINITY THE TUCK: My experience and my interpretation of Jinkx in a competition is that Jinkx is a great competitor but can sometimes get in her own way. Vivienne definitely played strategy on All Stars 7 because obviously she wants to win. These two things combined made for tension in the Werk Room between the two of them. I think overall they are friends but when you are in a competition you just think and react differently. Though this is all normal in the game of All Stars! It's all strategy game.

I loved your Snatch Game characters — both of them. The initial choice to do the devil sparked a lot of conversation in the fandom. Can you talk about the inspiration behind choosing to play the devil and why you wanted to portray that specific character?

I come from a very religious background. I was raised Southern Baptist. I am not religious anymore. I have found that the way a lot of "Christians" act has totally turned me off from religion. I wanted to poke fun at the fact a lot of Christians think gay people are going to hell. So I did an extremely gay devil.

You also clarified your gender identity journey the other day on Twitter, noting that you do not consider yourself to be a trans woman, and that your gender isn't actually labeled. What did you mean when you said it wasn't labeled, and why did you feel inspired to clarify your stance on this so specifically that day?

I consider myself trans but not a trans woman. I think it's dangerous for people to throw around verbiage to do with trans people who identify on the binary spectrum. I don't live as female and so I don't want to label myself as a trans woman. This is how I personally view myself. Others may have a different experience and viewpoint of themselves and I support that. I feel as though i am biologically the wrong gender however I am still going through a lengthy journey with myself on how I self-identify and if I want to further my physical transition. My thoughts may change as I learn more about myself. I feel trans-nonbinary and for now I'm comfortable with that. There's no one set way to look/feel/live as trans.

You and Monét had a sweet conversation on the couch during last week's Untucked regarding your relationship since All Stars 4. I know you've both said that there was no animosity on All Stars 7 together, and you even have an alliance going, but what inspired that conversation? Did it take time for you and Monét to get to this place in your relationship, and why was that conversation in Untucked powerful enough to move you to tears?

We absolutely had no animosity or rivalry, at least on my end and none on her end from what I know of on this season. My relationship with Monét has definitely evolved tremendously since we competed on All Stars 4. I did not know Monét before competing with her on AS4 and the last few years have allowed me to get to know how incredible of a person she is and see all of her talents firsthand. The conversation in Untucked was brought on because I don't believe in holding my feelings in, and I just wanted her to know how much I admire her. She is really incredible at how she handles things and her work ethic. I am in awe of her.

Speaking of the alliance, at this point in the competition, were there still people who didn't know that you had an alliance with Monét? Or were more people catching on?

Honestly I'm not sure. I know it got brought up to several of the girls as far as trying to bring them into our alliance but we didn't really discuss it very much in the work room. I don't know if the other girls thought it might be a joke or just paid no attention to it. Our alliance was never to sabotage anyone but more so look out for each other.

Raja and Monét have now since told me that there was perhaps another alliance brewing in the Werk Room. What can you say about that? Were you aware of another alliance going on between other queens? Did anyone ask you to join any other alliances?

I have the worst memory in the entire world and sometimes I am oblivious to things. I am not sure of other alliances but this is all stars so it would not surprise me.

Trinity The Tuck slides into Jaida Essence Hall's butt during their 'RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 7' lip-sync.

I also want to talk about what happened on the Main Stage. First, congrats on winning the challenge! The lip-sync was epic. Everyone has been talking about the moment you slid into Jaida's butt. Was that something you told Jaida you were going to do beforehand, or was it planned?

I don't tend to go into lip-syncs with a major plan. Most of the time I don't even take them seriously, as RuPaul tends to like campy lip-syncs. Me sliding into Jaida's butt was all by accident. I did not realize how slippery my bodysuit was and thank goodness she was there or I might have kept sliding into oblivion.

Why did you block Yvie? You said in the Werk Room earlier that she was on "an incline," but one of her stars was given to her by Raja, so she had only won one challenge at that point. Was there something else that made you want to block her, and did you nearly block someone else other than Yvie before you made the final decision?

Going into that lip-sync I was not sure who I was going to block because everyone was pretty much on the same level except Jinkx had more stars. I felt bad that people kept blocking Jinkx and also I kind of felt like because Jinkx was ahead, she was going to make the finale anyway, so why not try and stunt someone else's path to move further ahead of me so that would give me more of a chance. Yvie is definitely a powerhouse threat. She is great at many things, and she is by far one of the best lip-sync assassins of the entire franchise. I ultimately ended up going with Yvie because she was on an incline and doing well in a lot of the challenges, plus she had not been blocked yet and so I thought that was fair.

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