Trevor Lawrence reveals his favorite Jaguars uniform combo

Trevor Lawrence has a favorite Jacksonville Jaguars uniform combination, but his offensive linemen don’t agree with his choice.

“All teal. All teal,” Lawrence said on a Blogging the Boys podcast. “Well it’s tough because I love all teal, I think a fair share of the guys like the all teal, but the big guys up front, they don’t like it. They don’t like how the all teal kind of, I guess, ‘shows everything,’ in their words. They’re not a big fan of those.

“If the equipment guys ask me what I want to wear, I try to pick something that everybody likes. But all teal and all white are my favorites, and all black. I like just solid, when everything’s the same color.”

The Jaguars were tealed out just twice during the 2022 season. The first was a November win over the Las Vegas Raiders and the second was the regular season finale victory against the Tennessee Titans.

Jacksonville wore all white for wins against the New York Jets and Los Angeles Chargers, and it wore all black for a loss in London against the Denver Broncos and a home victory over the Dallas Cowboys.

Fans seem to enjoy the all-teal combo as it was the look chosen in a vote for the Week 18 finale against the Titans.

Story originally appeared on Jaguars Wire