A new trend on TikTok lets baristas spill the tea on their 'worst-ever' customers

A new trend on TikTok has coffee shop workers sharing their “worst-ever” customer requests. a great example comes from a former Starbucks barista named erineec. Her video reenacts an encounter with a customer who insisted her order was wrong simply because her name wasn’t on it. erineec told the angry customer she was sure it was her drink, and that the sticker with her name just fell off the cup. The customer still refused the drink. “I can’t take that,” the customer allegedly said after erineec opened the drink to show it was hers. “You put your f****** nose in it”. After erineec remade the drink, she presented it to the frustrated customer, who refused the cup again. “I can’t take that,” the customer allegedly said. “Because you made it”. In another video, a barista detailed the time a female customer refused her drink several times, all because she said her husband wouldn’t drink out of a pink cup. Mainly, TikTok users have been sympathetic in their comments. “Working at a coffee shop sounds like hell,” another wrote