TransMedia Group to Deliver Scoops of Media Exposure for 'Ice Cream Sunscreen,' a New Product Providing Delicious Protection for Lips and Skin

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BOCA RATION, Fla., Jan. 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- TransMedia Group said the PR campaign will start by asking, "What does a single mom with two children do after divorce?"

The Answer: "If you're Melissa Juried Kriebel, you start an ice cream business, but not the kind you lick, but the kind you rub on your lips and body and suddenly your life blooms all over again."

"Our publicity will show how Melissa sprang from running a general contracting construction company with her husband to whom she was married 16 years, to now the CEO of Ice Cream SUNSCREEN with two scoops of helpers, her children, ages 14 and 10, assisting their enterprising mom," said TransMedia President Adrienne Mazzone.

"We will tell the story of how Melissa, who was born in Queens, New York in 1981, always had an entrepreneurial spirit."

Moving to sunny South Florida at age 9, she quickly learned from her parents working in the entertainment industry that entrepreneurship is where the fun is in life.

Her father, Michael, known as Skip, was a talented recording engineer and producer in New York City, recording the likes of Jimi Hendrix and Aretha Franklin, while her mother, Phyllis, performed on Broadway and was one of the June Taylor dancers on the Jackie Gleason show.

"Melissa came up with Ice Cream as the perfect name for the lip balm and body cream and made it so it smells, feels, and tastes like cooling ice cream on your lips and body," said TransMedia CEO Tom Madden.

"In 2020, Melissa created the brand Ice Cream Sunscreen to be fun, playful and protective and her children, 14, and 10, played a lively role in brainstorming to put Ice Cream Sunscreen on the road to success," said Madden.

"Her vision for the brand is to see it prosper as it's not only a fun, energetic product, but as its slogan proclaims, it's a way to "Stay Cool and Protected!"

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