Transitioning back to in-person: the emergence of a new business travel trend brings Vacayz on board

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NEW YORK, Nov. 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- As it slowly becomes safer for people to travel, businesses are encouraging their employees to have actual in person interactions with one another. Some companies such as Goldman Sachs have pushed 40,000 of their employees to return to their physical offices, while Microsoft sells out in-person conferences in locations like Chicago or Orlando. However, many companies such as Amazon, Google, Facebook, Apple, have adopted the hybrid working mode as the most successful one, which brings on new HR demands, and Vacayz - a travel fintech company - into play, particularly when it comes to traveling for work.

Since the world is once more changing into a post-pandemic lifestyle, HR departments are having to adapt to the new need for business travel.

Many companies have been hiring all across the nation yet fly their employees seasonally to the HQ in order for them to work together, attend events, etc. This requires HR personnel to handle large bookings of hotels and other travel expenses all while dealing with the other pressing needs of the company, bringing a new HR need to life and the emergence of new business travel solutions.

Vacayz, a B2B travel fintech company, has been tackling just that: "We've been working with these HR departments and office managers and taking the lengthy and tedious booking process off their plate, so they can return their focus to HR matters," says Vacayz CEO, Ally Wolodarsky, who aims to revolutionize business travel by developing a unique, multi-layered product that helps companies secure low rates in advance through a cost-efficient, risk-free, and flexible financial model for SMBs.

"Small businesses aren't aware that they're paying consumer prices when traveling for work, therefore we created a way for these small businesses to receive large corporate discounts and enjoy other benefits and perks," says Ally.

Other HR-Solution companies for international payments catering to remote hiring, such as Payapa Global and Deel, have raised millions of dollars just in the past month alone, proving that this new HR trend is here to stay.

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