Activist-artist Mila Jam on the importance of Transgender Day of Remembrance

Transgender singer, dancer, actress, and activist Mila Jam is fighting for trans rights. She was inspired to display her "Stop Killing Us" body paint campaign in her music video, to send a message using her body rather than her voice. "It has been a trans liberation. It has been a black lives matter movement. We have been out here in the streets, marching for our lives because we only have one life to live and not everyone is experiencing what it's like to be marginalized, to be black, to be trans, to be othered," she tellss host Brittany Jones-Cooper.

She sat down with Yahoo Life in honor of Transgender Day of Remembrance, but says it's also important to celebrate trans joy as well. "2020 has been really bad for trans people in terms of being murdered. There have also been some amazing milestones in our community," she says. "There are so many visible black trans women that are in the world of media and speaking out and being open.

The joy is important for us to be able to celebrate that. We're still here."

Mila jam also discusses her partnership with Out Leadership, and organzation that strives for inclusivity for LGBTQ+ individuals in the world of business. "It's an amazing company giving opportunities to LGBTQ people in business, where I always love to say we're bridging the gap between brands and sponsors and companies and corporations to make space for our voices."