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SAN DIEGO, CA / ACCESSWIRE / January 20, 2022 / Thought leader, cyber and digital transformation consultant, and CEO of Zygotek, Zeeshan Kazmi, shares his top two pieces of advice for business leaders looking to weather the storm of 2020 and emerge ahead of their competitors.

As many businesses are seeking radical reformation as a recovery technique, Zee advises taking a simpler approach and implementing a few basic principles that will both address COVID-19 related challenges while also protecting and supporting the organization in the long run.

1) Commit to customer experience through transformational technology.

In the face of a crisis, customers have not lowered their expectations. Rather, the modern consumer now possesses heightened expectations of the organizations they are giving business to. The consumer that has a positive customer experience forms loyalty and connection with the business they have interacted with. Studies show that this carries more weight than their experience with the product or service provided.

Technology is the key to unlocking customer experience. From the first impression to fulfillment and retention, CEOs should utilize technology to analyze data from each aspect of the customer's journey to make necessary pivots. But one cannot succeed without the other. The best companies will be empathetic and empowered by analytics so they can add relevant value to the customer's experience.

2) Vulnerability is the key to leadership.

The marketplace is shifting. In the past, vulnerability may have been interpreted as a weakness. Today, a perceived lack of vulnerability can cripple a business.

Great CEOs regularly admit that they don't have all of the answers and seek out external experts to fill gaps in their company's knowledge or execution. Outsourced experts statistically hit goals 20 times faster within organizations and CEO's know this. Bringing in an outside source, such as a transformational consultant, can take a business to the next level quickly.

A vulnerable CEO who is not afraid to ask for help, look silly in front of a new hire or show how they are honestly feeling, bonds staff and customers together to form a powerful and long-lasting brand.

This is a truly transformational year. The tide has changed fast. CEO's can ride with the currents into a bright future, or struggle to try to swim against it. By using technology to identify, forecast, and adapt to trends, and vulnerability to build trust, gain access to insights, and inspire staff members, CEO's in 2020 have the chance to truly revolutionize their business to succeed for years to come. Zee provides the guidance and strategic tools needed for organizations to do just that. With over two decades of experience in technology, cyber security, and transformational change leadership, Zee has a proven record and is prepared to come alongside any organization to inform and engage executives along their transformation journeys.

Zeeshan Kazmi is a National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD) Board Leadership Fellow. He demonstrates his commitment to the highest standards of exemplary board leadership by earning NACD Fellowship-The Gold Standard Director Credential-year after year. NACD Fellowship is a comprehensive and continuous program of study that empowers directors with the latest insights, intelligence, and leading boardroom practices.

Serving as a trusted advisor to multiple boards and C-level executives, Zee oversees the strategy and implementation of advanced integrated risk management, digital transformation, and IT strategies that facilitate sustainable growth, resilience, and increase profitability - while building strategic alliances across the value chain. An analytical thinker and cross-functional motivator, Zee works to both evaluate cutting-edge technological solutions while also addressing the interpersonal dynamics of a team to create a culture of loyalty, productivity, and exceptional performance.

Over the course of his career he has served multiple times as a CIO, CTO, and CISO, managed through M&As, led transformations, executed end to end Cyber security and risk management programs, performed integrations and turnarounds, building the strategic alliances and high performing teams that support cultural shifts and drive cost savings/efficiencies.

As CEO at Zygotek, Zee oversees the provision of adaptive digital, cyber, and privacy risk transformation services to organizations. Far more than an innovative security auditing firm, Zygotek offers alignment of enterprise and cyber risk to business strategy, enables opportunity through orchestrated digital transformation, and provides effective execution of cyber digital and privacy initiatives. Zee provides services as Board Member, Board Advisor, or Interim Executive (CIO / CISO) for companies looking to analyze their Enterprise Strategy and Enterprise Risk, and then creates a nexus with Digital Strategy and Cyber risk, to orchestrate the transition and transformation. Building trust and confidence with regulators, boards and staff is a key element to his executing strategy.

The multi-disciplinary methods bring thought leadership, innovative solutions, organizational change management, results-driven execution, and effective institutionalization to today's complex digital and cyber initiatives. Services include Risk Management & Strategy, IT Governance & PMO, Cyber Security & Hygiene, Digital Transformation, Business Continuity & Crisis, Execution & Implementation, Strategy, Advisory & Reporting to the Board of Directors.

In his spare time Zee tends to his permaculture orchard with 60 tropical fruit trees and about 300 other edible agroforestry type plants, mostly edible. The connection with nature integrates the wide picture of systemic interconnections we find in our everyday life, not dissimilar to his approach and ability to bring organizational transformations. He takes a truly unique approach to transforming businesses, teams, and technology. As an avid horticulturist, systems thinker, and highly experienced technologist, he sees businesses through the lens of biology. Businesses, to Zee, are living breathing entities. Often to transform a business is more of an act of healing than anything else. Healing of people, systems, and technology. Some harsh pruning and grafting can be sometimes required, in other cases a nurturing spirit is the best path forward, and sometimes new seeds of possibility need to be planted. Either way, a successful and sustainable business is ultimately the outcome of a high performing and balanced ecosystem. By combining 25 years of business technology experience, biology, and spirituality, Zee can quickly sense what is at the root that is harming the ecosystem in a company, and assess what needs to be done to remedy it fast. For business leaders that are looking for not just a strategy, but a sustainable approach to transforming possibilities into reality, and turning risks into rewards, Zee is an extraordinary guide and an expert in helping organization build adaptive strategies and operationally execute them during times of Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity.

For organizations and companies looking to transform their business and drive results with innovative solutions, technical strategy, and digital and cyber initiatives, look no further than Zeeshan Kazmi and his team at Zygotek, Inc.

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