Trains, pains and automobiles: Stuck at a railroad crossing? Try these alternative routes

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Getting stuck behind a train is inevitable in Columbia: It’s the trains’ world, and we’re all just living in it.

But the seasoned Soda Citizen knows how to make lemonade out of a (very) long line of freight trains and get to work on time, against all odds. Here are three especially problematic train crossings and how to navigate around them without pulling any illegal maneuvers or u-turns. Visual learner? Follow along with our map.

The bend where Huger turns into Whaley, right before the Olympia Village Idiot:

Directions: Go back the way you came! There are no connecting points at this stretch of the road aside from Huger, which, in this scenario, is blocked by a train. Turn right onto Catawba Street, then right onto Williams Street, then follow that back up to Blossom. From there, you can take Assembly Street back down to Whaley.

If you’re on the Whaley side of the tracks, do a loop by turning left onto Church Street, left onto Heyward Street and left onto Wayne Street, which will take you back to Whaley. Turn right and follow Whaley to Assembly up to Blossom and back to Huger. But what if that same train is bisecting Assembly?

Assembly Street, right past Sonic:

Directions: This is one of the less complicated workarounds, requiring four turns total no matter your side of the track. For those on the side of Sonic Drive-In, turn left onto Catawba Street, then right onto Main, right onto Whaley and left onto Assembly. For drivers starting on the other side, follow these directions in reverse.

Pickens Street near Di Prato’s, betweem Wheat and Rice streets:

Directions: Drivers opposite the Di Prato’s side of the tracks follow a loop by turning first onto Wheat Street, then left onto Sumter, then left onto Whaley and left back onto Pickens. For those on the Di Prato’s side, turn left onto Bull Street to start out, then follow these directions in reverse.

Have a better route or know of another pinch point we didn’t include here? Reach out and let us know!

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