Trade House Media Commits To Supporting All Credible Ad Targeting Products

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Trade House Media reinforces their promise to support independent publishers by partnering with every major identity solution and committing to evaluate all forward-looking ID technology

LONDON, March 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Trade House Media, the leading managed ad solution provider announce that they have integrated with and support all credible, forward-looking ad targeting products available in the industry today.

Trade House Media provides exclusive ad management as a service for digital media owners and the integration with the top identity solutions in the space ensures that value for publishers is preserved on a post-cookie internet.

"With Google announcing that they will not be building or supporting alternate identifiers to measure and deliver ads, independent publishers have the unique opportunity to offer advertisers a first-class level of attribution outside of the walled gardens. Now, more than ever, it is critical for the open web to extricate itself from its reliance on GAFA (Google, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon)," says Richard Cook, Executive Director, Trade House Media.

"While proposals like Privacy Sandbox and FLOC are workable solutions to a privacy first web, they do little to address the needs of independent publishers and serve to bolster the position of the walled gardens under the auspices of user privacy. By partnering with every major ID solution currently available and actively seeking out partnerships with new vendors offering innovative solutions, we are committed to supporting publishers from a technical perspective to ensure maximum value for their audience on a post-cookie internet," says Antoine Pilate, Director of Operations, Trade House Media.

Trade House Media declares a continued commitment to ensuring value for publishers is future-proofed, providing publishers with peace of mind and aligning them with the buy side to provide quality inventory sources that put privacy first.

About Trade House Media

Trade House Media specialise in providing fully managed ad solutions to media owners. Acting as an extension of publisher teams and encompassing ad strategy, technology, operations and finance.

As a media owner there is a significant investment in time, education and technology to capitalise on advertising dollars. Trade House Media was founded to give publishers back their time, gain access to decades of experience and enable integration of technology that delivers.

With representation in the US and UK, they are able to support publishers and monetise their inventory around the globe.