TotalAnalysis launches new Covid Vaccination Tracker, revealing some startling global variations

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- Huge regional variations in vaccination activity across the world

- Only 56 of the 200 countries tracked have started their vaccination programmes

- China and USA account for almost 60% of all doses administered

LONDON, Jan. 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Independent research company, TotalAnalysis, has today launched a new daily vaccination tracker covering 200 countries and their local regions. The tracker reveals some startling and significant trends:

  • Of the 52.7 million doses administered so far, China and the USA together account for 30.6 million – more than 58 per cent of the global total

  • Of the 49.3 million people vaccinated so far, 93 per cent have received a single dose, and that proportion is increasing as most countries focus on maximising the rate of first jab inoculation[1]

  • Only 56 of the 200 countries tracked had started rolling out their vaccination programmes by January 20th

  • There is marked variation between the world's regions in terms of the proportion of people vaccinated – ranging from 1,990 per 100,000 in the Middle East down to almost zero in Africa (only the Seychelles and Guinea have started)

  • The global average vaccination rate is 680 per 100,000 – still well below one per cent – with Asia Pacific languishing at 370 (in spite of China's high volume), compared to 1,680 in Europe and 1,690 in the Americas (skewed by high US numbers)

  • There is huge variation within Europe: the UK leads with 7,470 vaccinated per 100,000 followed by Denmark with 3,140 – in stark contrast to Germany at 1,550, France at 1060 and the Netherlands at just 450

Mike Laflin, Director of Research, TotalAnalysis, said: "This vaccination data should not be seen as a race between countries. It's a race of injections versus infections. This ratio will grow in importance week by week – for the last seven days we have seen the US jab rate running at eight times the volume of infections, whereas the UK has achieved a six times rate."

At the other end of the scale sit the majority of countries with an injection rate well below the infection rate with 144 nations yet to start their inoculation programmes, including Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Colombia, Peru and South Africa.

The London-based research group has been monitoring Covid-19 data for 200 countries and 2,500 local regions since the outbreak of the pandemic. The vaccination tracker will be open access, and includes daily, 7-day, 14-day and cumulative totals, all set against the 15+/adult group (since vaccinations are currently authorised for adults only), as well as total populations.

Twelve of the featured countries, including the UK and USA, also feature a regional breakdown of vaccination data, and this number is expected to grow to more than 100 countries over the coming weeks.

For full access to the Vaccine Tracker go to TotalAnalysis.

About Total Analysis

Based in London, TotalAnalysis is an independent information resource for data on the Coronavirus pandemic. With over 400,000 data points researched from more than 350 public sources, TotalAnalysis systematically updates and analyses Covid-19 data every day on over 200 nations and 2,200 local regions throughout Africa, the Americas, Asia Pacific, Europe, and the Middle East. TotalAnalysis was launched in April 2020 and is entirely independent of any government, institution or pressure group.

1. Some vaccines are only single dose.

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