'This is absurd': Toronto police draw immense backlash over horse patrolling TTC amid surge in violence

Worried you may be unsafe on the TTC? A Toronto police horse is apparently nearby.

A Toronto police officer seen on a police horse outside of Toronto's St. Clair subway station.
The Toronto Police Service has been tasked with stopping the rise in violence on the TTC. (Credit: Toronto Police Mounted Unit)

Torontonians continue to be in disbelief over how poorly the city is responding to a spike in violence that's impacted its public transit system.

There have been numerous attacks in recent months on the TTC, toward both civilians and employees. As a result, Toronto Mayor John Tory on Thursday announced an increase in police presence to patrol the transit system.

Apparently, that comes in the form of a horse.

There are many things wrong with this image. But before we get to that, to make matters even worse, Torontonians are also calling out how this photo misrepresents the police force's current actions.

A day earlier on Wednesday, the city was met with its biggest snow storm of the year — which basically shut down the TTC. But if you look at the image, there doesn't seem to be any snow.

A Toronto Police Services media relations officer, Caroline de Kloet, told Yahoo Canada that the photo was in fact taken Monday.

"Due to the increased violence, patrols have been paying special attention to transit properties, including station entrances and TTC street car and bus stops," said de Kloet.

The tweet from the Toronto Police Mounted Unit comes amid outrage over Tory's initial move to increase police funding. Many feel that it doesn't address the real problems plaguing this city, which have contributed to the violence, such as a lack of resources for community and social support systems, to go along with the TTC's subpar service.

In response to Josh Matlow's tweet, the Toronto Police Association defended the horse:

The Toronto Police Association, which represents approximately 8,000 civilian and uniform members, might want to read the room: