Toronto entrepreneurs launch The Hartly, the newest restaurant, lounge, and variety theatre on King West.

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The Hartly, the newly redesigned and revamped lounge on King West, currently features a restaurant with a variety theatre and burlesque shows.

Toronto, Ontario, Nov. 30, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Reza Abedi, Josh Herman, and Sam Reznick Toronto-based entrepreneurs, and owners of the cocktail bar/nightclub Daisy, Lobby plus others have announced the launching of The Hartly, the newest restaurant, lounge, and variety theater on King West, Toronto.

Herman said the launching of The Hartly provides Toronto nightlife lovers a usual hub to dine, chill, and get entertained. It is located at the former Goldie bar, which is now closed, but according to Herman, it’s not affiliated to it as The Hartly is an entirely new brand.

“The Goldie ownership group was broken up when it closed. When we took over, we weren’t interested in keeping the brand,” Herman explained. “We revamped the whole place with Chef Daniel Ken (previously with Blowfish and Lavelle).”

Herman shared what nightlife lovers can expect when they visit and dine in at The Hartly.

“The downstairs is all we’ve opened up so far; it features a restaurant/lounge with a variety theatre and burlesque shows,” Herman said. “We’ve built out a stage, changed fixtures, and added a 25-person communal table that doubles as a runway for entertainment.”

“We’ve redesigned the whole space with a new footprint and functionality,” Herman further shared.

Those curious about The Hartly’s menu, the lounge has almost everything from cocktails, hot and cold shares, salads, main dishes, and dessert. Herman invites everyone who wants to visit to book a reservation first to make their dine-in experience seamless.

As there is still a pandemic going on, The Hartly puts their customers’ health a priority. For health and safety, they make it mandatory to check the body temperature of their staff frequently. Disinfection of the surfaces inside the lounge between visits is also strictly implemented.

The Hartly is open Mondays to Saturdays from 6 PM to 2 AM. It is located at 619 King St W. Toronto, ON, M5V 1MV.

About The Hartly

The Hartly is the newest one-stop night hub on King West, Toronto. It is a restaurant, a lounge, and a variety theatre rolled into one. It aims to cater to the needs of Toronto’s nightlife lovers by providing a space not only to dine and relax but also to have fun and quality entertainment.

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