Top 5 Trends for Online Video in 2023

NEW YORK, Jan. 10, 2023 /PRNewswire/ - 2022 was a strong year for online video with almost 93% of global internet users consuming digital video weekly (Source: Oberlo) and 50% of U.S. internet users watching online videos daily. (Source: TechJury). Looking forward, eMarketer projects that 2023 will have slower overall ad spending, but they forecast double-digit growth for short-form video advertising and predict it will be the fastest-growing ad segment in 2023. With the increasing consumption of online video, and online video forecasted to attract even more ad spend than in prior years, 2023 is the year to ensure you have a robust video strategy and the right video partner.

Below is our list of trends and what we think is in store for online video in 2023:

Trend 1 - Viewability

Viewability remains one of the most important and talked about metrics in digital advertising. In 2023, advertisers and marketers will continue to place scrutiny on viewability by moving more spend to partners who are able to meet their viewability objectives.

Trend 2 - Balancing Digital Subscription with Ad Support Model

For many publishers, the push to digital subscribers is now producing diminishing returns and risks driving away audience numbers and concomitant advertising/monetization opportunities. We expect to see more publishers creating tiered levels of experience and content for subscribers by moving paying customers towards more premium services while continuing to focus on growing overall traffic for those unwilling to pay for a subscription. This will allow publishers to maintain audience scale for advertising and other monetization opportunities. Publishers able to take advantage of digital ad revenue growth (specifically in video) while maintaining this balance will be able to achieve greater sustainability.

Trend 3 - Self-Serve

We foresee self-serve capabilities being a top video trend for online video platforms in 2023. Online video platforms will no longer be the purview of only the largest publishers, as self-service functionality will give all publishers the ability to more easily access ad-supported premium online video technology while providing access to premium video content and monetization at scale.

Trend 4 - Programmatic

Marketers, brands, agency planners, and buyers will continue to increase their programmatic investment with a 15.2% growth expected for programmatic in 2023. (Source: InsiderIntelligence).

Trend 5 - Shoppable Video

Shoppable video will extend the purchasing opportunity by creating seamless experiences between what is being viewed and advertised within the video player and the ability to purchase it directly.

As we look to 2023, STN Video has already begun putting the pieces in place to address the opportunities presented with each of these trends–whether it's by placing a continued focus on viewability as we did with the release of our Optimized Mobile Player and enhanced video player for AMP pages, releasing our self-service capabilities to enable more publishers to activate video at scale on their sites, creating automation for maintaining ADS.TXT files for programmatic, or expanding shoppable video, we deliver products to help publishers, content partners, and advertisers maximize their opportunities in video.

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