Tom Holland reveals first photo of himself as Uncharted's Nathan Drake

Tom Holland gave fans a first look at Nathan Drake in the Uncharted movie, featuring all the character’s iconic clothes except for the half-tuck. The actor tweeted a set photo of himself as Nathan Drake, the treasure hunting hero of the Uncharted series. He immediately got a wave of positive feedback from fans, including some notable gaming personalities like streamer Félix “xQc” Lengyal and artist Kobe “BossLogic” Abdo. Fans on Reddit were similarly impressed, even those who were on the fence about the movie. “Wow I was skeptical at first,” one Redditor wrote. “But seeing this image, I can definitely see him pulling off a 20-22 year old Drake”. “Okay, f*** it,” another Redditor said. “I’m sold”. The Uncharted movie is the second time Holland will be playing a starring role in a major franchise. After many rewrites, the movie settled on being a prequel for the video game series, with Holland playing a younger Nathan Drake in his early 20s