Tokyo Disney Resort Announces an Opening Date For Its 'Toy Story' Hotel

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While the world is now increasingly focused on creating surreal digital experiences in the metaverse, Disney continues to provide distinct immersive escapes in the real world, revealing a release date for the Toy Story Hotel at the Tokyo Disney Resort in Japan.

Tokyo Disney Resort Toy Story Hotel consists of 11 floors above ground and 1 floor below ground. The 595 guest rooms are designed to resemble Andy's room in the first Toy Story movie with blue sky wallpaper and furnishing reminiscent of toys from the show. Amenities include a Rozzo Garden Cafe studded with the pink bear in Toy Story 3, gift shops, game rooms, and medallion makers to commemorate your stay. Massive Woody and Bo Peep figures are installed in the courtyard, while Buzz Lightyear and Jesse welcome guests at the hotel entrance.

The hotel is said to be moderately priced between the budget Tokyo Disney Celebration Hotel and the luxurious Disney Ambassador and will open on May 5, 2022. Head over to the Tokyo Disney Resort Toy Story Hotel website for more information.

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