In it together: OCS K-3 students celebrate national week despite school cancellations

Feb. 4—Owensboro Catholic Students were slated to celebrate National Catholic Schools Week beginning on Sunday, but due to cancellations caused by winter weather, most of the activities had to be rescheduled.

However, OCS' K-3 campus was able to still honor the week with an assembly on Friday filled with games, music and cheers.

Keith Osborne, chief administrative officer for OCS, said many of the district's events will be held next week.

"We got Monday in and we got (Friday) in," he said. "The kids have had a great week and we'll continue to celebrate throughout the remainder of this year."

Jim Tinius, principal at the K-3 campus, said the school will be holding some of their scheduled midweek activities to next week.

"Our teachers do a great job," he said. "Every grade level was responsible for decorating their parts of the hall and on Monday when the kids came in and saw everything, their eyes got big."

The purpose of the week, Tinius said, is to commemorate the idea that the students can go to a Catholic school where they can grow in faith and academics.

"They know it's a special week," he said. "We celebrate our Catholicism each and every day, but this week is always special and there will be even more special activities that will be done."

Osborne said the annual celebration is a big deal not only to the district, but also the students.

"Each day we celebrate different things, not just within the church, but also within our community and the people that serve our schools," he said. "The students look forward to it quite a bit."

Tinius said it's a week where everyone is cheering for one another, which is something the district wants to instill.

"We're all in this together," he said. "Everybody is pulling for one another."

Helping the students understand all of the aspects that go in to allowing them to attend a Catholic school is Tinius' favorite part of the week.

"It's all about God, and our priests are so vital to what we do here, and then the teachers and the parents," he said.

Tinius said he looks at education like a triangle.

"You gotta have students that want to come to school every day and work hard and have fun while they're here," he said. "You have to have great teachers, and you have to have parents and grandparents who are part of it."

Tinius said the K-3 campus and the district as a whole is "fortunate" to have all three of those points.

"This week really just solidifies that and it puts it in the front of their brain why it works and why it's important," he said. "If one aspect isn't there, we don't accomplish what we accomplish when we do."