Toddler Spends Almost $2,000 Worth of Furniture on Mom's Walmart Account: 'We Were Laughing'

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Baby's first shopping spree!

New Jersey toddler Ayaansh Kumar ended up making a rather large online shopping purchase on his mother's phone, buying almost $2,000 worth of furniture.

"He's so little, he's so cute, we were laughing that he ordered all this stuff," his mom, Madhu Kumar, told WNBC.

Madhu, a self-proclaimed lover of online shopping, told News 12 New York that the family recently moved to New Jersey, so she had been looking for new furniture on Walmart's website, adding items to her cart as she went. However, as she was still in the process of determining which pieces to buy, the cart that her son stumbled across was never intended to be purchased altogether.

"She just added to a cart and said, 'OK, we'll come back later.' But then she put the phone down and somehow my son managed to get the phone," her husband Pramod explained during an interview with Today.

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Of course, the couple only discovered what their son had done after packages started — and kept arriving.

"It was a queue," his mom told News 12 New York of the orders, which largely consisted of accent chairs.

Adding to the hilarity of the situation, Ayaansh ordered so many items that everything still hasn't arrived.

"We're still getting the packages," Pramod told Today over the weekend. "We have a bunch of packages. Like today, there are two packages just sitting outside of our house."

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"He's totally clueless to what he did," added Pramod.

Fortunately, the family has explained the entire situation to Walmart and will be able to return anything they decide they don't want, per WNBC.

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While the family was able to find humor in their situation, they do plan on making a few changes to ensure that something similar never happens again.

For one, his mom told News 12 New York that she won't store any of her payment information online.

His dad also told WNBC that they'll "put tough passcodes or face recognition so when he picks up the phone, he finds it in locked condition."