Time for workers and their families to make their voices heard

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OTTAWA, Sept. 20, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Volunteers from all parts of the labour movement are knocking on doors across the country today, tirelessly getting workers and their families to cast their ballots today for a pandemic economic recovery with working people at its heart.

“We are sprinting to the finish line today. Our teams of volunteers are working the phones, texting friends and neighbours, knocking on doors,” said Bea Bruske, President of the Canadian Labour Congress. “After five weeks of hearing what the leaders have to say, today is the day working families can have their voices heard – at the ballot box.”

Canada’s unions have been mobilizing volunteers and engaging voters over the past five weeks, reaching 186,901 people so far – over 122,000 through our text message campaign, more than 5,000 phone conversations, and signing up 59,393 potential voters at the CLC’s voter information website, WorkersVote.ca.

“The pandemic showed us how important frontline workers were in keeping our communities going. It also revealed the inequalities that already existed,” said Bruske. “That’s why we are working doggedly to let people know that Canada needs a recovery plan with workers at its heart. Where lost jobs are replaced with better ones. Where our public health care system is strengthened. And where our social safety net is made ready for the next disaster.”

“We are working hard to motivate our fellow workers to get out and vote. And our message is simple: vote today and you get to help decide what our next government will look like.”

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