Time for a cool change for the weather in Berks County

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Aug. 11—The temperature went up Thursday as the humidity went down, and Berks County is in line for a slightly cooler and much less humid three days or so.

The mercury climbed to 90 degrees on Thursday at Reading Regional Airport, the official National Weather Service site in Berks.

It was the eighth 90-degree day at the airport in the 11 days this month.

As the temperature climbed Thursday, the dew point fell.

At 5 a.m. Thursday at the airport, the temperature was 75 degrees and the dewpoint was 70 degrees. By 3 p.m., the numbers were 90 and 56.

Drier air also means cooler overnights.

Expect a high in the mid-80s Friday with sunny conditions, with a low about daybreak Saturday in the upper 50s, according to AccuWeather. The low 80s and sunny conditions are expected Saturday with a Sunday morning low also in the 50s.

The mercury hasn't been below 60 degrees since a 59 was recorded on July 4, and that was the only day last month below 60.

The high temperature Sunday is likely to be near 80 degrees as clouds roll in later on, AccuWeather says. The timing remains uncertain.

Clouds, rain and storms are in the forecast for Monday with a high in the mid-70s.

By Sunday, it's likely there will have been 51 days in a row of at least 80 degrees, 10 short of the record streak from the summer of 2016.

If the forecast holds, the 2022 streak will end.

This month has tough acts to follow. July was the sixth-hottest month on record in Berks by average temperature of 79.0 degrees, and August 2021 was the hottest August on record at 77.8 degrees.

But it held up well for the first 11 days, with eight 90s and an average of 81.6 degrees.