TikTok's New K-Beauty Trend "Jello Skin" Makes You Upgrade Your Entire Life

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Beauty TikTok takes skincare seriously, with users going crazy for "Jello Skin," another favorite cult trend from the K-beauty skincare regime.

Amassing over 14.5 million views on TikTok, "Jello Skin" refers to Jell-O, a well-known dessert favorite with high shine and bounces once firm and cold. The new skin trend follows suit, boasting about collagen production, vying for that same bounce and elasticity in the skin.

Curated by skinfluencer @glowwithava, results like this require much attention to detail to the current state of your skin and health choices. "Every time you move it, it should bounce back," according to Ava.

Getting Jello Skin requires much hydration and nourishment, but a few extra steps are recommended to get that juicy, plump, and structured "jello skin" texture.

"Skin Twerking"

Facial massages and facial movements are crucial to igniting the elasticity in your skin.

A balanced diet

Eating less processed foods and consuming nutrient-rich whole foods such as fruits and vegetables and lots of water will help your skin look less puffy and more supple and plump.


Exfoliating helps keep your skin soft and smooth by buffing away those dead skin cells and improving the skin's overall texture.


All of the steps mentioned above are great to start, but all of the steps are null, and if you don't have a good Vitamin C serum and sunscreen to conceal and protect your skin daily.

If you want more plump and shine in your beauty routine, catch more of Ava's "Jello Skin" breakdowns below.

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