TikTokers Are Using This Nostalgic Perfume From Victoria’s Secret To Repel Summer Insects

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TikTok is the social media app that provides us with the most helpful beauty information. This latest viral hack from Victoria's Secret is very convenient as we're experiencing a heatwave in the U.S. and most likely getting eaten alive by mosquitos.

Allure reported that the latest trend involves using the nostalgic Victoria's Secret's Bombshell perfume as a mosquito repellant. The fragrance might have been your first entry into the world of maturing scents, but now it will be your saving grace against those pesky insects. The base notes of musk, middle floral and fruity top notes will surprisingly keep mosquitos away.

A 2015 study proved that the perfume had an effective formulation that repelled mosquitos for up to 120 minutes. So if you're not a fan of the ordinary insect repellant and are tired of whelped skin, this may be worth purchasing. As a pro tip, it's worth noting that while there are different versions of Bombshell, it's the original that people are grabbing.

@pocketpauli I may not have electricity but at least I didn’t get bit by mosquitos tonight ? #tiktokmademebuyit #victoriassecretbombshell ♬ Blade Runner 2049 - Synthwave Goose