TikToker reveals shadowy intruder reported by her spooked neighbors is cardboard cutout of BTS' Jin

A Filipino fan’s cardboard cutout of BTS’ Jin spooked neighbors after it was mistaken for a ghost standing in her apartment window.

The fan, who goes by the handle @snowlight711 on TikTok, shared the humorous incident online to reveal the mysterious figure as her K-pop idol standee.

“Our building admin called me at 11:30 p.m. to tell me that the condo opposite mine is really concerned and worried because they’re seeing a shadowy figure of a man who is just standing at my window,” the woman says in her TikTok video.

@snowlight711My first and last Tiktok video 🤣😂 Ang hirap pala gumawa ng Tiktok video!!!! Di ko alam pano to nagagawa ng iba 😅♬ original sound - snowlight711

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The life-sized cardboard standee of Jin was given to the fan by her friends. The placement of the cutout by her window in the high-rise condominium in the Philippines created an eerie silhouette behind her curtains when viewed from outside.

The building opposite from her residential complex alerted the building administrators of the figure after its appearance continued for days.

“The figure has been looking out of the window for about four days now. So how do I tell them that it’s only my Kim Seok-jin standee?” the TikTok user says.

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The incident has gone viral among BTS’ fandom in the Philippines, with many finding it hilarious and relatable.

“This happened to me, but I had four standees: Jimin, JK, Jin and RM. My neighbors reported it to my mom, asking why there were guys,” one TikTok user wrote.

“Smart especially for those living alone. Jin was just looking after her and protecting her from weirdos,” a Twitter user said.

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Feature image via @snowlight711