TikToker has meltdown after mom cooks steak

On Nov. 5, user @apricotanzu shared a clip in which she complained that her mother had made steak knowing completely well she couldn’t eat it. “They made steak on the day I get my wisdom teeth taken out,” the user whines in the video. As the user protests in sadness, a text overlay reads “my mom is so mean”. The user then turns the camera to her mother, who is seen nonchalantly cooking the steak. “Like — for really, mama?” the user asks her. “It looks so good I want to eat it too,” the user then cries in Japanese, as tears roll down her cheeks. The clip has since racked up nearly 653,000 views and plenty of comments from fellow TikTok users who could relate. “My mom would be cooking bomb [food] knowing damn well i got my braces tightened that day,” one wrote. “When i got my braces tightened my siblings took me out to a pizza buffet and i couldn’t eat and i started bawling LMAOO,” another commented