TikToker Lovingly Pokes Fun at Husband's Childhood Christmas Ornaments

Marriage comes with more than love in sickness and health—it also gives you indeterminate handmade ornaments for the Christmas tree.

<p>Stefania Pelfini, La Waziya Photography/Getty Images</p>

Stefania Pelfini, La Waziya Photography/Getty Images

One TikToker is trying to combine nostalgia with a Pinterest-perfect Christmas tree, but the results are a relatable holiday decorating version of Nailed It. It's hard to mix fancy with dried out art dough to get that ideal aesthetic.

"When you want your tree to feel aesthetic, but your husband also brought his childhood ornaments into the relationship," read the text overlay on the video posted by Kyrsten Burkenpas, who posts as @kyrstenandkin on the platform.

Burkenpas then proceeded to show a few of her "favorite" ornaments. There's a fish that sort of looks like Flounder from the Little Mermaid and what she believes is a squid. A classic handmade gingerbread also made the reel (come on, that one is a quintessential ornament).

Hey, it could be worse—one of the ornaments could involve braces.

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To be clear, there's no such thing as a Pinterest-perfect holiday. Even the social photos and videos are just highlight reels. But it's great that Burkenpas is having fun with this all-to-familiar "plight."

More than 6.5K TikTokers chimed in on the video, which has racked up 226.7K likes in two days.

"Those belong on his mom's tree," quipped one.

"Two trees. Trust me," advised another in what turned out to be a common theme in the comments.

"Buy a tiny tree and put all of those on there. I think that would be adorable! Give it to his mom for Christmas," said someone else.

Another common piece of advice? Stick them on the backside of the tree.

"That's what the back of the tree is for," someone said.

But, in my opinion, one commenter nailed it.

"Aesthetic is never more important than memories or the magic of Christmas," wrote one TikToker in a comment that got more than 2.3K likes.

The ones in this video have zero meaning to him—I promise.

That said, the original poster (OP) clarified that the ornaments were just random ones his mom gave him after cleaning her attic.

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"The ones in this video have zero meaning to him, I promise," OP said.

Ultimately, it's all in good fun. Display those childhood ornaments with pride, or make new ones (and memories) with your littles this year with some DIY fun.