This TikToker eats uncooked frozen pizza — willingly

If you think your eating habits are unusual, they probably look normal compared to TikTok user @emmmabooks’. On Jan. 19, as part of a new trend that has people revealing the foods they eat at a different temperature than they’re meant to be eaten at, she shared that she likes to eat frozen pizza without cooking it. “It’s weird, it’s disgusting […] and I love it. Why waste time cooking it? It goes to the same place,” she said. “Feel free to roast me in the comments. I probably deserve it,” she added in her caption. Well, many people took her up on that offer. “I like cold pizza, but iced pizza … girl you need therapy,” one user said. “What did I just witness?” another asked. “My teeth hurt just watching this,” a third wrote. On the original video posted by @velljko, other users shared their own unusual food preferences. A surprising number of people admitted to enjoying uncooked ramen noodles, and even more said that they preferred frozen waffles to cooked ones