TikTok users slam dad for giving his daughter a 'selfish' name

TikTok user Kristina (@keepingitkristina) posted a video explaining the controversial reasoning behind her name. "So, I feel like most people who are named after somebody have like a cute story behind it, or they're named after somebody really special… That is not the case for me," she said. Kristina explained that her parents made a deal that if they had a boy, her mother would name the child after her father, but if they had a girl, the father could pick the name. Sure enough, Kristina was born, and her dad selected a name and filled out the necessary paperwork while her mom was recovering. Thankfully, Kristina's mom was fine with the name — but only for a few months. Kristina claimed that the family uncovered that her father was having an affair and sneakily chose to name their new baby after his mistress. "If he messed up and called [Kristina's mother] the wrong name, he could say he was talking about me," the TikToker said. Commenters agreed that it wasn't a wise move on the dad's part. "That was pretty selfish," one user wrote. "Twist I wasn't expecting," another said. Kristina said in a TIkTok comment that she's not in contact with her father anymore, but her name is here to stay

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