TikTok users blown away by woman’s ‘game-changing’ dish-washing hack: ‘What kind of voodoo is this?’

Dillon Thompson
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A new TikTok cleaning hack aims to solve a common — and frustrating — kitchen dilemma.

The life hack comes courtesy of user @jasminegazelle, who goes by Jasmine on the app. In her clip, the TikToker the TikToker shows he she handles an annoyingly frequent problem.

It’s an issue many people with dishwashers face: After drying your dishes in the machine, there’s often still a ton of moisture on them. Jasmine’s simple trick aims to fix that.

“I literally do this every time now,” Jasmine captioned her clip.

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Her video shows a pair of hands opening the steam-filled machine, then placing a hand towel around the door.

“It absorbs all the extra moisture and your dishes will be bone-dry,” her caption claims.

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Many users were astounded by the TikTok hack, which some called “game-changing.”

“What kind of voodoo is this?” one commenter wrote.

“OK if this is true you’re my new best friend,” another added.

“I have a load of dishes going right now and I’m excited to try this,” another wrote.

Other users took the opportunity to suggest different hacks for dealing with the moisture. Some suggested leaving the dishwasher door cracked open after the cycle ends, or simply tilting cups and bowls so they won’t collect water as easily.

The hack came as part of a longstanding TikTok trend, in which users share the life hack that has become an “unconscious standard practice” in their lives. As part of the trend, users have also shared their tips for keeping veggies fresh in the fridge and for stopping cheese from going bad.

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