A new TikTok Starbucks hack has users ordering a 'Kinder Bueno' drink

tiktok is full of custom Starbucks orders and hacks, each seemingly more delicious than the last. the app's latest starbucks hack is an order for a “Kinder Bueno-flavored” iced mocha. The drink, which supposedly tastes just like the beloved chocolate bars, is going viral thanks to a user named Amy Burrows. In a video that now has nearly 600,000 views, Burrows visits a Starbucks and orders the drink. The TikToker explains that the “hack” involves asking for an iced white mocha with a shot of hazelnut syrup. The TikToker then proceeds to try the viral beverage — and has a full-on freakout over how good it tastes. “Oh my god,” she says. “This is honestly the best drink I’ve ever had from Starbucks”. Plenty of TikTok users seemed to agree with Burrows’ assessment. “I’m getting this next time,” one user said