TikTok star Tati Mitch quits app over 'toxic' users

Tatyanna Mitchell, who goes by Tati Mitch on TikTok, announced she’s leaving the app for good after opening up about how it’s become “toxic” to her. Though she now boasts a whopping 4.2 million followers on the app, she’s also been facing quite a bit of fan criticism lately. she was accused of attending a party with other TikTok stars and violating social distancing rules amid the pandemic. In a statement she posted to her Snapchat story, Mitch revealed she has been struggling with bullying and harassment on TikTok. “I’ll be moving my platform over to my YouTube channel where I’ll be posting every week. TikTok is extremely toxic I literally can’t take it anymore”. Fans took to Instagram to express both excitement and disappointment over her decision to leave. “Good for her. TikTok is so toxic,” one user wrote. “She think she gon go on youtube and the hate gon disappear,” another said. “It’s because people started calling her out for not social distancing … she’s guilt-tripping,” a third wrote