TikTok potato hack might be the answer to those deep, awful pimples

The internet is a treasure trove of DIY acne remedies that range from toothpaste (do not do that) . to apple cider vinegar to now, according to skincare TikTok, half of a potato. Céline Bouvie woke up one morning with a cystic pimple on her forehead. “It hurts so bad, it’s like throbbing on my forehead,” Bouvie described at the beginning of the video. “So, I’m going to try the potato trick”. Bouvie slices a baby yellow potato in half, places the inside of the potato onto her forehead and tapes it there. “Supposedly the potato is supposed to suck the stuff out of the zit and make the swelling go away,” Bouvie explained. Four hours later, Bouvie peeled off the potato and revealed a significantly smaller and less red bump on her forehead. “THIS IS THE BEST SKINCARE VIDEO I’VE EVER SEEN,” one TikToker wrote