TikTok bone guy: Who is jonsbones and is it ethical to collect bones?

A TikToker is selling human bones — people are questioning whether it is ethical. Jon Ferry is the founder and CEO of JonsBones. He calls the company a "leading provider of medical human osteology" and claims the bones are "responsibly sourced". Human osteology is the scientific study of the structure and function of the human skeleton. The company aims to provide human bones to anyone from educators to artists. Ferry currently has 459,000 TikTok followers. Ferry admitted that most of his bones come from India, China and Russia. He said much of his collection came from India from people of the lower castes who were deemed to be society's "untouchables" . "The fundamental problem is that over the past 100 years, over 60,000 skulls have been shipped to Europe, the U.K. and America and there is nobody to claim responsibility for it," Ferry said. Many people are unsatisfied with Ferry's rationalization because there are more ethical paths for medical professionals to acquire bones in 2021. According to Assistant Anatomy Professor and Bioarcheologist Robyn Wakefield Murp. "Human remains should never be sold. There are legitimate, ethical ways for institutions and researchers to obtain human bodies for research and that is through cadaveric donation programs"