This TikTok of Ben Affleck's response to a fan has completely divided people

Photo credit: Mondadori Portfolio - Getty Images
Photo credit: Mondadori Portfolio - Getty Images

We've all been so distracted by the red carpet return of Bennifer we almost missed the other Ben Affleck drama happening over on TikTok right now. The video shows a fan coming across Affleck in Las Vegas and his reaction when the fan tried to greet him has completely divided fans and sparked a heated debate online.

The video, which appears to be a recording of an Instagram Story, was posted on TikTok earlier this month and show's Affleck walking up an escalator in Las Vegas. As he passes, the fan recording the video tries to say hello to him, but Affleck carries on walking past without acknowledging him.

Quickly the video prompted criticism from people who said the Gone Girl star shouldn't ignore fans, while others have pointed out that the actor can't stop for every fan he meets. The TikToker who posted the video even captioned it, "He may seem like a dick, but Celebs do this cuz [sic] they don’t want to garner attention."

One commenter wrote, "Be humble Ben. Your fans are the ones who got you paid," while another person disagreed, saying, "He's minding his own business... celebs aren't zoo animals. Let them be..." and someone else added, "Seriously? About 400 people a day probably say hi to him. He probably can't even keep a train of thought."

I mean, let's be honest, if we were dating Jennifer Lopez we'd probably not be aware of any of our surroundings ever.

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