This thrift store sells actual props and clothing items from TV and movie sets

Have you ever wanted to own the outfits of some of your favorite TV characters? . Well, thanks to one thrift store in Burbank, Calif., you can. It’s a Wrap! is a discount store that “offers the general public the opportunity to purchase actual wardrobe and props from movie and TV sets for sale” . Since the store’s stock depends on which movies or TV shows have just finished filming, you can find everything from a cheerleader uniform to a chef’s hat depending on the day. One TikTok user named Jalls gave a tour of the inside of the store and highlighted some of the items for sale in a now-viral video. When Jalls went to check out the store’s stock, she came across everything from werewolf pants and lab coats to fake pregnancy bellies and football jerseys. She also noted that “they have regular clothes like pants, jackets, dresses [and] shirts” all for “super low thrift store prices”. Many people noted that they were eager to check out the store. However, many California natives took to the comments to clarify that the prices aren’t actually “super low”. Others were upset that Jalls publicly disclosed the name of the thrift store, since now that it’s blown up on TikTok it will surely become overrun with customers