New Thought-Provoking Children's Picture Book Sparks Joy and Encourages Children to Seek Their Own Truth While Connecting with Nature

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Through the words of a Wise Old Owl, author, and Early Childhood Literacy Specialist, Juel Maerz explains the concept of 'Truth' and how children can find it within themselves in 'The Little Philosophers and the Hoo's of Truth: Listening to Our Nature'

SEAFORTH, Nova Scotia, August 2, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- The concept of 'Truth' does not have a simple definition, but instead can be interpreted in many ways, thus making it a difficult concept for many people, especially children, to grasp. In "The Little Philosophers and the Hoo's of Truth: Listening to Our Nature" a beautifully illustrated and unique children's rhyming book by Early Childhood Literacy Specialist and children's author Juel Maerz, it tells the story of two curious and adventurous children who seek answers to their questions about Truth and how to find it. When they come across a Wise Old Owl as they explore the great outdoors, the two friends along with the readers are taken on a journey into themselves to listen to their bodies and follow their hearts. The children come to find that by understanding fear, and by choosing love, they will continue to discover the Truth.

What was once a childhood dream became reality when Maerz put pen to paper after her first son was born and wrote her first series of children's books called "The Little Philosophers." Living in a post-pandemic and digital world, it is more important now than ever for children to be reminded of the joys that nature brings and to listen to their hearts. Through her experiences as a teacher and Soul Life Doula, Maerz wants to reach as many children as possible to encourage them to reconnect with nature so they can also reconnect with themselves.

"First and foremost, my goal for this book is to activate, nourish, and inspire children to spend more time playing in and connecting to nature and learning how to listen and trust their body's innate and natural intelligence," said Maerz.

The book's inspiring message accompanied by enticing and beautiful illustrations by illustrator Martyna Czub will leave children excited to play outside and learn more about the outdoors as they begin to connect with their intuitive nature. Readers will be able to continue the inspiration by checking out the first book in the series, "The Little Philosophers and the Tree of Knowledge," as well as in the upcoming third and fourth books "Conscious Stream of Wisdom" and "The Joy of Life." To learn more, please visit

"The Little Philosophers and the Hoo's of Truth: Listening to Our Nature"
By Juel Maerz
ISBN: 978-1-9822-6768-1 (sc); 978-1-9822-6770-4 (hc); 978-1-9822-6769-8 (e)
Available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Balboa Press.

About the author
Juel Maerz is an intuitive philosopher, poet, and teacher. She has formally studied Philosophy, Environmental Science, Supporting Learners with Diverse Needs and Exceptionalities, and Herbal Medicine: B.A., B.Ed., M.Ed. Maerz is an Early Childhood Literacy Specialist and a Soul Life Doula. She writes her books through intuitive wisdom inspired by nature. Maerz lives a heart-led life, near the woods by the sea, with her family in a home they built together in Nova Scotia.

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