22 Outrageous TV Show Ideas That Would Give "The Masked Singer" A Run For Its Money

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You can love it or hate it, but The Masked Singer has really become quite the phenomenon. Who could have guessed masked celebrities singing would captivate viewers?

A furry blue and green bear character on "The Masked Singer"
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I have some elevator pitches for you Masked Singer fans, so let me know what you think:

1.Paranormal Chef

Messy kitchen in an abandoned building

Picture this: 10 competitive chefs go inside the kitchen of a famous haunted house. Boom. Lights-out cooking. Paranormal investigations. All wrapped into one outrageous show fit for food and ghost lovers.

They'll need lights around their cooking stations, but everywhere else, they'll need to use a night vision camera. Spooky! Who can make the best dish and capture the best evidence of the paranormal?!

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2.How the Sausage Gets Made

Man stands with a sausage rack

Nobody wants to see how the sausage gets made, right? Think again!

Tune in to How the Sausage Gets Made to see all the drama that goes headfirst into the sausage production industry. I can see it now: Critics say, "HTSGM has pushed the love of reality shows into my skin like minced meat."

Westend61 / Getty Images/Westend61

3.Class President

Student hand places vote in a ballot box

We follow the class president election of [fill in the blank] middle school. Watch as kids are exposed to politics for the first time. What will they find? Political scandal? An unjust system? Tune in to find out!

Arrowsmith2 / Getty Images/iStockphoto

4.Lincoln Log Experts

Lincoln logs askew

You've watched Lego Masters — now get ready for Lincoln Log Experts.

First challenge: Who can build the best log cabin? And for week two, who can build the nicest log cabin? And for the finale, you all are going to crap your britches when the final contestants must, you guessed it, build the greatest log cabin.

Critics say: "It made me never want to rent a log cabin again."

Joji / Getty Images/iStockphoto

5.My Studio Apartment Life

Man with a coffee sits near boxes in his studio apartment

What adventures await young Stephen, who has officially moved into his studio apartment? Can he handle all that space for the first time? Will he stop having that weird smell follow him? See the two-hour premiere of My Studio Apartment, where he must decide if he wants Chinese food or pizza!

Avi Stock / Getty Images/iStockphoto

6.Passive-Aggressive Master Chef

A chef with his arms crossed

You've seen Gordon Ramsay scream at people for views. Now get ready for a Master Chef who isn't mad — he's just disappointed!

Passive-Aggressive Master Chef will make you question everything you know about the culinary world while, at the same time, this man makes you feel miserable.

D-keine / Getty Images/iStockphoto

7.Extreme Charades

Man plays Charades

What they know is that Shawn is playing Charades... What they don't know is that Shawn will have to swim with a pool of rabid geese if they don't guess the right answer.

X-TREME! That's right, Fear Factor meets that one game people play when they're bored. The only questions: Are you tough enough to handle the challenges? And does anyone even still watch 2000s crap like this?

Dikushin / Getty Images/iStockphoto


Man changes ceiling fan

With all those shows about fixing and flipping houses, what if we followed the life of a local repair shop. Handy folk usually offer a variety of services from ceiling fan repair, fridge repair, AC repair, etc.

Again, it sounds ridiculous for a TV show, but it could be engaging.

Yoke Fong Moey / Getty Images

9.America's Next Top Teacher

A woman stands with her arms crossed in a classroom

We gather some of the most experienced teachers in the country to teach a group of contestants how to become the best teacher. Every teacher brings something different to the table and handles challenges differently.

The show sounds ridiculous, but it'd be cool to show the rewards of working with students (and all the downs). This would be reality TV on another level, and everyone can relate because they have been to school.

Fizkes / Getty Images/iStockphoto

10.Murder Mystery at the Retirement Home

Women playing cards at a retirement home

Retirement home peeps can keep their minds stimulated with card games and TV crime dramas...OR they could play a little live-action roleplay of a Murder Mystery. Get to know different folk as they participate in a game show that travels and takes the cameras to the comfort of their home. It will be a fun time that allows them to unwind.

It's not mandatory, of course, but whoever is down can join in on the fun!

Shapecharge / Getty Images

11.Waterpark 4 Dollars

A happy man slides down a water slide

Grab two teams off the streets. Give them water park tickets and a list of challenges. Can Dad make it down the waterslide without losing his trunks? Will his daughter be able to balance on a surfboard in that surfing-simulator-thing? And just where the hell is the bathroom?

It's the wettest game show for cash!

Ivan-balvan / Getty Images/iStockphoto

12.I Can't Dance Dance Competition

A man in glasses dancing badly

Contestants with zero dance skills or experience are taught by some pros and have to learn different minute-long routines in just 30 minutes.

The show sounds mean-spirited at first until you realize all the participants are just having fun learning the moves and trying their best... Plus, it's like your own little dance tutorial at home! Join in on the fun, and it's OK to laugh at yourself!

Koldunova_anna / Getty Images/iStockphoto

13.Viral Hoax

A little bigfoot cut out

Ten teams of social-network-savvy peeps must try to develop the next big viral hoax. Bigfoot sighting? An impossible feat by a person? A glitch in the Matrix?

Contestants must make their video go viral, and the one with the most total social views wins the cash prize!

7713photography / Getty Images/iStockphoto

14.Surprise Trivia!

Family playing a board game

Know what people love sitting in the security of their home? A C-list celebrity knocking on the door and asking if they want to play Pictionary!

It sounds awful to me, but people might actually want to if a prize is involved. Families dust off their favorite board game, and whichever family member wins also receives the No. 1 family member trophy! (Obviously, a cash prize goes to the whole family just for participating.)

Shironosov / Getty Images/iStockphoto

15.My Only Child

A couple and their only child

A parody of shows like Jon & Kate Plus 8, we follow parents raising their (drum roll) only child. What horrors await them, and what challenges they must face raising all ONE of their kid?

This show seems like it'd be condescending to any single-child parents (and, honestly, it'd probably be promoted that way), but it would be an interesting study to see how the family dynamic would work differently compared to other "big family" shows. I think it would be an interesting look into what it's like for a kid growing up without siblings while poking fun at those other shows. One problem: If they decide to have another kid, we'll need a new couple.

Kate_sept2004 / Getty Images

16.Stocking Wall Street

Successful business man in the city

With all these shows that follow working people, who doesn't want to see the traders of Wall Street? We follow about four to five traders and keep track of their portfolios.

Again, if this was an informal show on trading, it would probably be an interesting watch to learn more about stocks and even get people into— Wait a minute! Are Danny and Lewis yelling at each other about their trades?! Now that's television!

Franckreporter / Getty Images

17.Naked and Singing

Man sings in the shower

A singing competition located in the shower, where everyone sounds a little better.

Obviously censored for TV, people take the stage inside a comically sized shower as they sing their hearts out to the crowd. Or send in your videos from home. It might be tough to get people willing to sing on a stage AND be naked.

Elena Perova / Getty Images/iStockphoto


Guy Fieri at a basketball game

All-Stars? The show that made critics go, "Huh?"

It's a sporting competition with celebrities, well, playing sports. Imagine Guy Fieri shooting jump shots over Jack Black. Or Idris Elba hitting a home run off of Doja Cat. You people love your celebrities — now watch them have fun in this "adult recess" of a TV show.

Tim Nwachukwu / Getty Images

19.On-the-Fly Theatre

Kids rehearsing for a play

Grab highly skilled theatre performers or drama class kids, and this TV show will bring you the stage production of, well, we'll figure it out.

That's right — the first weekly show of a stage production that is completely improved, and the actors have no clue what to expect. Imagine a Whose Line Is It, Anyway? game on a massive scale, with better sets and props.

Hispanolistic / Getty Images

20.Imaginary Friends

A family in a tent

I figured I would end with a couple of non-reality show ideas. So check out the newest TV comedy, Imaginary Friends.

After a bump on the head, a father (Kevin Hart) can now see his daughter's imaginary friends: who happen to be The Rock, Mark Wahlberg, and Will Ferrell. No, they're not playing characters; it's just literally those three guys her daughter imagined. The dad now must live a normal life while not getting distracted by the obnoxious band of friends.

Richvintage / Getty Images

21.Don Daycare

Preschool students playing

You all loved the family power struggles of Empire and Yellowstone. Well, get ready for Don Daycare.

Who will win in the power struggle for the perfect napping spot? Timmy and Debbie are in a turf war for control of the entire bookshelf section. Who will run the daycare? Who will make it out alive? Spoiler: All of them — they are just toddlers looking to wrap their tiny hands around the world!

Lithiumcloud / Getty Images/iStockphoto

22.I, Cat

Gray cat with their paws up

Imagine: the voices of the greatest actors telling their life stories and experiences over videos of cats.

Imagine Drunk History...but with cats licking themselves instead of acting out the scenes. It'd be like an audiobook playing with overly dramatic shots of cats.

Jacques Julien / Getty Images

Would you tune in to watch any of these? Are any of these shows too close to something that already exists? Comment below, and share your wackiest TV show ideas!