Think Waves: Milton Willis and Michael Willis clear up Rip Current confusion

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Surviving Rip Currents the Surfers Way

SAN DIEGO, May 13, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Each year hundreds of people drown in the ocean and tens of thousands are rescued by Lifeguards and Surfers.

Whether you are a surfer, swimmer or casual beach goer this is valuable information.

Surfers, Milton and Michael, the Willis brothers are on a mission to drastically reduce ocean drownings and rescues. Their plan is to share with the world the Surfers Way to escape rip currents by using waves.

Today it is generally accepted there are three viable options for surviving rip currents.

Swim parallel to the beach (advocated by lifeguards), let the rip take you (endorsed by oceanographer Dr.

Jaime MacMahan), and go towards the waves (promoted by long time surfers Milton and Michael Willis).

Though NOAA and USLA have done a great job picto-graphically posting signs showing rip current escape options, most beach goers remain unaware waves will take them back to shore.

For hundreds of years experienced surfers have used rip currents to get beyond the breakers to surf, riding waves to get back to shore.

Watch experienced surfers such as Gerry Lopez, Kelly Slater and Allen Sarlo surfing, they paddle out with the rip and ride waves back to shore. Perfect examples of the Surfers Way.

"When it comes to escaping rip currents, whether you swim parallel or let it take you out, there is no other way to get back to shore other than using waves and the general public needs to be educated," explains Milton Willis.

Tried, true, proven simple and effective, the Surfers Way of escaping rip currents using waves has been called "the world's greatest intuitive self-rescue technique" by Seabright N. J. Lifeguard Captain Michael Hutchinson.

The Willis Bros are advocating City and State Officials nation wide post the words Rips Out, Waves In on signs along with the pictograph formatting.

Educating the public is key.

"Informing beach goers to avoid rip currents by wading or swimming in front of waves and to escape rip currents by swimming towards the nearest waves will dramatically reduce rescues and save lives." says Michael Willis

The Willis brothers have taught others the Surfers Way to escape rip currents through videos, posters, PSA's and in educational settings such as surfing lessons and ocean safety clinics.

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