The Morning After: Amazon Prime Day is happening next month

Engadget, Mat Smith and Richard Lawler
·3 mins read

Yes, it’s still happening. Amazon will hold its annual shopping event on October 13th and 14th. Which means, like last year, the event will take place over 48 hours. Prime Day 2020 kicks off at 12AM PT on Tuesday and will end at midnight on Wednesday. Amazon is not one to let a global pandemic stop its global sale event. Expect plenty more detail when the company reveals what’s being discounted — we’ll be sorting the wheat from the endless chaff.

— Mat

Netflix unveils a Resident Evil CG anime series arriving in 2021

Claire and Leon will fight mysterious foes and probably zombies.

The Morning After
The Morning After

Netflix has more Resident Evil programming in the works beyond a live-action show. In the midst of the Tokyo Game Show, still happening remotely, the streaming giant has revealed Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness, a “CG anime” series due to premiere sometime in 2021. While the foes of the show (apart from zombies) are still mysterious, the production will revolve around iconic characters Claire Redfield and Leon Kennedy — the protagonists from Resident Evil 2 and several other titles. Continue reading.

SpaceX scales back plans for Starship's first high-altitude flight

A 50,000-foot trip isn’t quite as ambitious.

The Morning After
The Morning After

The first high-altitude SpaceX Starship flight will be a little lower. Elon Musk now says the flight with the SN8 prototype will top out at 15km, or close to 50,000ft, instead of the 18km (60,000ft) he’d mentioned earlier.

While a 50,000-foot trip won’t be quite as ambitious, the goal should remain the same. SpaceX wants to show that Starship can perform more than short hops. If the high-altitude test is successful, it’s much closer to providing a fully operational rocket. Continue reading.

US slaps trade restrictions on China's top chipmaker

It could significantly curb Chinese tech firms' ability to do business.

The US didn’t waste much time blocking sales to China’s largest chipmaker. According to reports, the Commerce Department has added Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation (SMIC) to its entity list, effectively blocking interactions between US suppliers and the Chinese firm.

SMIC appeared to have been caught by surprise. A spokesperson said the chip giant hadn’t received any official word of restrictions and reiterated denials of any military link. The semiconductor producer is just the second top-tier company added to the entity list after Huawei. Continue reading.

Apple Watch Series 3 owners are battling with random reboots

WatchOS 7 is causing disconnections and complication woes too.

The Morning After
The Morning After

WatchOS 7 has landed, but if you’re an Apple Watch Series 3 owner, you might be experiencing random reboots after installing watchOS 7 on your devices. There can be multiple restarts per day and more bugs beyond that, including sluggish performance and features failing to load. Continue reading.

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