The Morning After: Nothing prepares to show off its first phone

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Nothing, the company led by OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei, will announce the phone (1), its first phone, on July 12th, 2022. Rumors about a Nothing-branded phone are as old as the company itself, and there were reports Pei was showing off a prototype back at Mobile World Congress. The company has already teased that the handset will use a Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset and a custom version of Android that highlights the operating system’s “best features.”

Pei made his name with OnePlus, making affordable phones for Android diehards with high-end specs. But the economics of the mobile industry has moved on and so has OnePlus, merging with stablemate Oppo to become a mainstream brand. It’ll be interesting, therefore, to see what Pei has planned to set Nothing apart from the rest of the industry. And if he’s got the power to achieve this feat a second time after making such a big splash the first time around.

— Daniel Cooper

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Disney has announced it won’t be exhibiting its next big animated movie, Strange World, in French cinemas. This is in protest of the country’s fairly strict rules for how and when movies can be broadcast once they’re done in theaters. The complex rules, which were recently tweaked, essentially mean if Disney had put Strange World into cinemas, it wouldn’t be able to properly add it to Disney+ for the better part of two years. Instead, it'll just bypass theaters (and the rules) to go straight to the streaming platform. That could be a problem for France’s movie theater industry, which relies on the big money Disney movies bring in for a hefty chunk of their revenue.

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'Stray' preview: Because you're a cat

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Image from Stray, the new PC and PlayStation Game.
Image from Stray, the new PC and PlayStation Game.

Do you like cats and wish you could roleplay as one while still working through a dystopian action puzzler? Well, Stray is a new PlayStation and PC title launching on July 19th. You play from a feline point of view, as a small orange tabby trying to escape a futuristic city. But rather than an efficient departure, you scratch at walls, knock stuff over and generally behave… as a cat. That you can interrupt two robots’ playing a board game and they just find you adorable speaks volumes.

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HoloLens chief Alex Kipman is leaving Microsoft following allegations of misconduct

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Alex Kipman is leaving his role as head of Microsoft’s HoloLens project after allegations of misconduct published by Insider. Kipman reportedly engaged in inappropriate touching and comments toward female employees. Following his departure, Microsoft is splitting the HoloLens team in two, with the hardware group now reporting to Windows + Devices chief Panos Panay. Software developers on the project, meanwhile, will report to Experiences + Devices head Jeff Teper.

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The best gifts for Dad under $50

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Image for the 2022 Gift Guide, Father's Day gifts under $50.

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Twitter will reportedly give its full data stream to Elon Musk

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It’s another installment in the saga between Twitter and the person who really doesn’t want to buy it but signed a contract saying he would. Elon Musk said Twitter has failed to give him enough data to understand the platform’s bot and fake account problem. Twitter says it has, but in response to the new charge has reportedly decided to give Musk access to the “firehose,” the stream of raw data that includes details on more than 500 million tweets posted to the service every day. In many ways, it’s the most spitefully clever thing Twitter can do, burying Musk in so much data it can’t be accused of hiding anything. Although I don’t know if Twitter users will be thrilled to know how much of their information has been handed over to the meme-happy billionaire.

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