Texas SEO Company Launches 4-Day Work Week, "Never Going Back."

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HOUSTON, Jan. 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- SEO company Covert Marketing turned heads in September after transitioning the agency to a 4-day work week. Now 3 months later, they're revealing the official statistics behind the new schedule's impact on their operations.

Founder Gregory Melon had this to say: "The only time you hear about 4-day work weeks is when some large multinational company talks about 'maybe' considering the 'possibility' of 'exploring' it. But very few companies actually enact it, and even less actually measure the results–or at least discuss them publicly. So we wanted to see what kind of impact this would have on a smaller company like our own."

Covert CMO Louis Glover explained, "It was important that we have a distinct 'before and after' measurement to quantifiably gauge the overall impact of a 4-day work week. So we surveyed our entire team a few weeks prior to launching the new work schedule, and then distributed an identical follow-up survey 3 months later for a direct comparison."

The 13-question survey utilized a simple 1 - 5 scale which staff used to rate different components of their job such as work/life balance, job satisfaction, and other work elements.

The only variable not included in the survey was productivity, which instead was measured as the percentage of tasks completed on-time by each employee during the 3-month period.

Surprise surprise: Everyone loves the new schedule. But how did it impact the actual business?

"On-time task completion and productivity increased +14%. Staff's own ratings of their work/life balance increased +17%. And lastly, people's overall job satisfaction increased +21%" said Gregory. "So our staff is completing more work, in less time, and is significantly happier. What's not to love about that?"

Gregory commented, "It's really not that complicated: Happy staff perform at a higher level. We work to live, not the other way around."

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