Testing Ground: Worx Cordless Vacuum Worth the Price

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May 15—If you plan on traveling a lot this summer, chances are you will be needing to vacuum out crumbs and debris from those trips.

As a person who drives more than an hour every day, I can attest to the general buildup of meals on the go, dust and dirt that comes from frequently being on the road.

Normally, it takes about a week of that annoying excess to gather before I have to get to my local car wash to vacuum it out. A new compact, cordless vacuum, the Worx WX030L Power Share Cordless Cube Vac ($99, worx.com), aims to put an end to those trips by going wherever the driver goes.

This is everything that I've wanted in a portable vacuum. It's small, charges easy and has enough suction and tools (it includes brush and crevice nozzle attachments) so I can clean up my car immediately after I park, as opposed to making a trip to clean it or having to find an outdoor outlet to plug in my hand vacuum (a near-impossible task in an apartment complex).

How much mileage you will get out of it depends on what kind of cleaning job you require. Its compact design, weighing about three pounds, and four-foot suction hose, allow it to be more versatile than your average vacuum. Its small size does come at a cost, as it 20V Power Share 2.0Ah battery, lasts about 10 minutes on high speeds and 20 minutes on low. Its dirt cup capacity is 7 ounces and suction pressure is 10 KPa (compared to 20 KPa of your average domestic vacuum).

This is all to say that this is great for spot cleaning and not lengthy, in-depth detailing. I loved its versatility, portability and ability to clean my car's seats and carpeting with ease.

After a long week, I hate to think of friends getting into my less-than-clean car, and especially in a time crunch, this comes through very well.

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