Tenney tours RubberForm, promotes American Innovation and Manufacturing Act

Feb. 19—U.S. Rep. Claudia Tenney, NY-24, toured the RubberForm Recycled Products facility in the city on Feb. 13.

In a brief press conference, Tenney highlighted her recent reintroduction of the American Innovation and Manufacturing (AIM) Act in the new Congress.

According to Tenney, subsidized companies outside the United States are undercutting U.S. manufacturers in the marketplace, creating instances of unfair competition.

RubberForm founder and president Bill Robbins agreed that is the case, particularly in his industry where the competition is Canada-based manufacturers. RubberForm makes rubber products from recycled tires.

Tenney said RubberForm is a perfect example of the kind of business she hopes to give a leg up through reintroduction of the AIM Act, although she also understands that RubberForm specifically is not in need of it at this time.

Tenney said the AIM Act authorizes low-interest loans for small American manufacturing businesses, to help them compete and provide jobs for Americans.

"The kind of jobs that last a lifetime," she said. "Jobs for the future, making things."

Tenney is a member of House Committee on Ways and Means, the primary tax-writing committee. Tenney also announced her appointment to the House Science, Space and Technology Committee, which has jurisdiction over all non defense-related, federal scientific research and development, and its Energy Subcommittee.

It oversees the U.S. Department of Energy's R&D programs.