Tell us: how do you switch off from work?

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<span>Photograph: Eva Katalin Kondoros/Getty Images</span>
Photograph: Eva Katalin Kondoros/Getty Images

Many of us struggle to ‘switch off’ after a hectic day at work. It can be difficult to relax properly after the workday has ended and, with many more people working from home during the pandemic, the line between work and home life has become even more blurred.

However, we know that switching off from workplace stresses can be key in avoiding burnout. If you’ve found a good way to stop your mind whirring after the workday has finished then we’d love to hear your tips.

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Perhaps you make a point of stepping away from your laptop, and not checking emails until the next morning? If you work with someone you live with, maybe you’ve banned work conversations at the dinner table? Or perhaps you’ve found that doing an activity in the evening – such as painting, cooking or exercise – helps you to clear your head.

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