Tell Us Which LGBTQ Movie Or Queer Character Had A Happy Ending And Didn't Fall Victim To The "Bury Your Gays" Trope

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In Hollywood, there's a problematic narrative that's unfortunately been embedded in many LGBTQ-focused films: the "bury your gays" trope.

Jack and Ennis embracing juxtaposed with Ennis holding Jack's shirt after he's dead
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It essentially constitutes movie screenwriters, directors, and creators who stick to the horrific pattern of killing their queer characters. They show that it's basically impossible for someone in the LGBTQ community to have a happy ending, when in reality, that's beyond untrue.


But there are some films out there that have brilliantly combatted this narrative. So that made me want to ask you, dear reader: Which LGBTQ movie (or queer movie character) had a happy ending?

Maybe you were relieved when you watched Crush (2022) because Paige and AJ ended up together. Paige didn't have a horrible high school experience — she juggled her romantic prospects in a classic love triangle situation and proved that LGBTQ teens in high school can be in a healthy relationship.

Paige telling Gaby she loves her and their moments together have been the happiest of her life

Or perhaps you really loved the ending to Moonlight (2016) because it captured the reality of what it means to feel free after struggling in an anti-gay environment. Chiron revealed to Kevin that he's the only man who's ever touched him, and Kevin comforted him — the conclusion showed that things do get better.

Chiron confiding in Kevin and resting his head on his shoulder

Or maybe you'll never get over Saving Face (2004) because it ended on an optimistic note, with Vivian and Wil dancing happily together at a party and their family cheering them on in the background. The last scene illustrated that LGBTQ women are capable of having a happily-ever-after and don't always fall victim to some random, tragic death.

Vivian and Wil dancing happily together at a party
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Whatever or whoever it is, we want to know! Tell us which LGBTQ movie or queer movie character had a happy ending (and why you think so) in the comments below.

Cate Blanchett in Carol

The best submissions will be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post!

Writer’s note: Casey Rackham, who cowrote Crush, is a managing editor at BuzzFeed.