Telecom Compliance Leaders FAStek and Inteserra Combine to Form a Full-Service Powerhouse Provider

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ATLANTA, Jan. 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- FAStek Compliance Solutions, Inc., and Inteserra Consulting Group, Inc. have completed their merger and will now operate as Inteserra, Inc.

While we are excited to roll out our new brand, Inteserra, a FAStek Company, we are even more enthusiastic about the expanded services we can now offer to our hundreds of valued clients.

"The merger of these two well established brands in the telecom compliance sector is a shining example of 1 plus 1 equals 3." said Lance Steinhart, CEO of Inteserra, a FAStek company. "Over the past decade we have assembled some of the best minds in the tax and regulatory world of telecom, as evident through combining Judy Riley's Telecom Professionals, Inc./TPI with Connie Wightman's Inteserra Consulting Group (formerly known as Technologies Management Inc.)."

As Connie Wightman, President of Inteserra, Inc. stated, "We are excited to now offer our regulatory clients the tax compliance services they have been asking for over the past few years. Thanks to the additional of Judy Riley's team and 30+ years of telecom tax experience, we now have the opportunity to increase the value we provide our clients."

"We look forward to offering the combined strengths and benefits of the two tax and regulatory compliance automation systems," said John Willis COO of Inteserra. "This will give our clients confidence in the reliability, accuracy, and timeliness of the compliance filings entrusted to Inteserra."

Should you have any questions related with this announcement or wish to learn more about our offerings, please reach email directly.

About Inteserra, a FAStek Company

Inteserra, Inc. provides expert telecommunications business and regulatory advisory services, training, project management, regulatory compliance reporting and informational web-based solutions.

For more than 25 years, we've helped countless communication businesses eliminate the hassle of tax and regulatory issues. Our team of experts manages your compliance, freeing you to focus on other key issues in your business.

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