Teenager infuriated by parents’ ‘awful’ financial demand: ‘This is wildly unfair’

Teenager infuriated by parents’ ‘awful’ financial demand: ‘This is wildly unfair’. A 16-year-old from a financially struggling family is torn between treating herself and helping her siblings. She explained the family's situation on Reddit's "Am I the A******" forum. Due to the pandemic, both her parents are underemployed and making less money. She's been saving up for a school trip for over a year now that she's old enough to work. When her parents found out she had money saved, they demanded she use the money for her four siblings' school trips. "My class missed out on our school trip this year because of the pandemic," she wrote. "They promised us next year we would get it as a make-up. I started saving when this was confirmed back in April. My parents both lost their jobs because of the pandemic. When her parents found out about the money, their response wasn't encouraging. "My parents found out I had saved and told me if I shared it all out between my younger siblings... . ...they could all go on their trips, and I would be a good sister". Now everyone in the house is saying I should give it to my siblings and that I'm mean and selfish for not . This will be my first class trip since I was 7. I know it's hurting my siblings' feelings, but I feel like I deserve something good too" . Reddit users thought the parents were asking too much of the teen. "This is wildly unfair to you," someone commented. "It's not your responsibility to pay for your siblings," another user wrote

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