Teen realizes she might have COVID-19 during visit to Starbucks drive-thru

A Starbucks customer looking to try the chain’s latest trending drink realized she was exhibiting a key COVID-19 symptom at the drive-thru. 19-year-old Maryn Short kicked off her ill-fated trip with a Starbucks mobile order before traveling to the wrong franchise location to pick it up. After Short rerouted to the correct Starbucks drive-thru, she picked up her custom drink and was ready to give it a try. However, she was disappointed after taking the first sip of the sugary drink, namely because she couldn’t really taste the flavor. Then, she realized what was happening — she couldn’t really taste anything. Sipping it again, she says aloud, “Why can’t I taste it … do I have COVID!?”. “That night, I scheduled an appointment at CVS to take a lab send-off test,” she said. “I decided to also get a rapid test at a local clinic [...] Both came back positive”. Thankfully, temporary loss of taste and a bit of congestion were the extent of her COVID-19 symptoms