Teen mom comes to dead stop on graduation stage to finish walking with 3-year-old daughter

A teen mom proudly walking a high school graduation stage with her 3-year-old on her hip is going viral — and melting hearts all across TikTok. Mom and recent graduate Natalie (@natalieandrylah) gained over 21 million views and 20,000 comments when she posted the inspiring footage online. According to the mom's other TikTok videos, Natalie was 14 years old when she became pregnant with her little girl, Rylah. But that didn't stop her from graduating high school — with honors! — and proudly marching across that stage. In the video, Natalie's mom is seen bringing the toddler up to the stage as Natalie crosses to scoop her up. The two then make their way across the stage to accept Natalie's diploma, inspiring millions online with every proud step. In the comments, a touched user wrote, "She was on that journey with you. It’s only fitting that she be up there with you"

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